Results speak for themselves but we love the feedback we regularly receive here at BYM Fitness too!

It's been great discovering BYM as a gym. To be around other mums all working out together with your baby nearby is fantastic. Claire's knowledge of postpartum exercise gives me the confidence that I can get my body back to being strong, healthy and in shape. 


I've done a few classes now with Claire, she's great at putting you through your paces and tailoring the work outs to your standard. I'm definitely going back to her!! 


I have really enjoyed the boot camp sessions I have been to at BYM.  It's a great work out but fun too in a really friendly environment.


I love training with Claire. After having my 2nd

c-section, I started training with her and am back in the best shape I've been in. Sessions are fun, motivating and inspiring - highly recommend!


Claire is a fantastic personal trainer whom I highly recommend. She is extremely motivating and personable. Her fitness and nutrition knowledge is impressive, as is her attention to detail with regards to how clients should train to achieve certain results. Most importantly, you will see the results!


I came to BYM after the birth of my 3rd child. Baby boot camp has been excellent. It is only once a week but Claire really knows how to get results and push you hard but without making a recently postnatal Mum feel she is being pushed too far. If you want results - to feel stronger and more toned after having children - then Claire’s classes are the best postnatal fitness classes in Bath. As the classes are undercover they are also perfect in colder or wetter weather when you have to consider where your baby will be during your workout. 



I was lucky enough to win a set of classes to BYM at the school Christmas fayre, I went along to the first class with slight trepidation as I don’t see myself at all as a yummy mummy! However, Rosie and Claire were so welcoming and lovely and made me feel part of the group instantly. It’s been an amazing year for me, I do HIIT twice a week and am now fitter and healthier as a result not to mention over a stone lighter and several inches slimmer! It’s so much more fun than working out in a gym on your own as the rest of the class support and encourage you and Rosie and Claire push you to get the most of each work out.



A friendly and personal service delivered by a knowledgeable team. The girls take into account ability, previous history of injury and the goals of each individual client in a relaxed and informal manner. The group sessions are always fun, despite being hard work, everyone ends up smiling! 



I trained with Claire at BYM before and after having my son and again after having my daughter. I knew Claire would help me get into shape as quickly as is possible after having my daughter and that I would love and feel motivated by the sessions. 

I am loving training both in one to one sessions with Claire and in a class once a week. We invariably have a good laugh and it is a great focus for getting out of the house and having some time for me. Claire makes every effort to make me feel totally comfortable training whilst having my baby with me and I am sure my baby loves coming along too and watching! I feel physically and mentally stronger through exercising with BYM and have gained significant tone and definition across all areas of my body that took a battering in pregnancy. Most of all, I have fun doing so and have made new friends in the classes through meeting like-minded mums



I highly recommend BYM. I’ve been a client for nearly 8  years! I do PT sessions weekly with Claire. Her energy, passion & care for the needs of her customers shines through in every lesson. Not one session is the same. Over the years we started with re-building my confidence in the gym then re-building my body strength. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions every week as she challenges me in a different way in my exercises and I can now do anything from planks to boxing.  I just don’t like the rower, but she doesn’t let me off. If you are looking for a very personal service, challenging & tailored to women, look no further than BYM.



I definitely wasn’t looking or feeling my best and had never found an exercise regime I wanted to stick to when I joined BYM but after just one class I knew I was there to stay and now I feel amazing! I’ve met such wonderful friends and the classes are fantastic. Love you BYM!! 



Claire is the most wonderfully kind and encouraging person and her team are fabulous. She's so knowledgable, passionate and understanding of the limitations of a woman in her late 60s! #TeamBYM is an inspiring group of young women who are really getting it right!!




BYM has changed my life for the better.  Such a lovely attitude and supportive group.  So much advice and seriously satisfying work outs! Claire and the girls give such a great service and I love that young kids are welcome because that was holding me back as a single mum.


Fabulous small group training sessions. Fun but also hard work. And Claire is always able to offer extra help and advice when needed.


2 years, 2 stone, 10 inches. 
Claire is a fantastic trainer who managed to get an unfit, unenthusiastic, sleep deprived 36 year old off her backside and back on track! Thank you....
I LOVE it!!


Excellent Bootcamp - effective and motivating. Lovely people too - friendly and positive. A great way to work your body hard whilst enjoying it.



This is without doubt the best exercise class I have ever done!!! So much fun and so energetic!! The results are both physical and mental for me. A truly positive boost twice a week.


After the long school summer holidays, I had completely let myself go! Once the kids were back at school I started the BYM Body Transformation, it was just what I needed to get back on track. Claire is a fantastic trainer (and a lovely person) who really knows her stuff and being a fellow Mum not only fully understands bodies after babies but also how exhausting some days can be. She trains you hard but is also sympathetic! She makes sure you are in exactly the right position (which burns like crazy) to ensure you get the full benefits of training. BYM has such a great buzz and I love training there whether it’s for a PT session or a class.  It really worked for me training regularly and posting my food diary on the Members Only BYM Facebook page. I feel fantastic now and my husband is delighted with the result too! 



I truly love the classes at BYM. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. It is great fun, supportive and tough! You do not get away with shirking and the small classes mean you have the attention you need to get it right. 

I have made new friends and spent more time with good friends. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

I have always loathed exercise but having found BYM have done 2/3 classes or more here every week for a year! A miracle!  Claire, Rosie and the team are definitely doing something right.



For 4 years after my second child was born, I tried fitness videos, some big exercises classes and I tried to improve my diet myself but nothing seemed to work. I would lose some weight, then put it on, then lose some weight and put it on and I was gradually getting bigger and more unfit. When my youngest started school, I got to the point where I realised I couldn’t do it alone and I needed someone to help me, which was when I started with Claire. Claire’s friendly approach put me totally at ease, made me not feel embarrassed about my body, but she gave me the belief that I could achieve my goals. She also advised me on diet as well as the fitness sessions and I gradually have totally changed the way I eat and think about food, which I know is sustainable. Her approach is to have fun, be sensible and to push her clients when she knows they can do it and I have to say I am gutted when I miss my sessions.  In September this year I achieved my goals, I have lost 2 stone and 3 inches around my waist. Unfortunately, in November I had to have emergency abdominal surgery which has set me back a bit, but I have full confidence that with Claire’s help I will get back to the level of fitness I was at, so it doesn’t bother me at all.  



We moved to Bath from London roughly 5 months ago and I really thought I’d struggle finding a gym in Bath with really great crèche facilities for my under 2 who was yet to start nursery. I found BYM and Claire was so incredibly helpful, not only with explaining the set-up she has but also providing so much other local knowledge that really helped make our move so much easier.  The biggest bonus is that BYM welcome young children!

BYM has been the most awesome gym for me and sessions have been absolutely faultless but moreover I have found a bunch of fabulous women who support one another (trainers and attendees alike) and who are so welcoming.



What Claire and her team have built is truly exceptional. BYM is far more than a gym or group training sessions, it is a genuine community of women who are incredibly encouraging and positive - that’s really unique given that a lot of us join at our lowest point of fitness and body image (post natal), and are often strangers to one another. What’s more, beyond the well-deserved and hoped for rewards such as transforming your tone and fitness, and becoming well-informed on nutrition, there is also the very important and often overlooked benefit of improving your mental strength and resolve. I love what BYM has done for me both mentally and physically. It is truly transformative. 

Aside from the client benefits, its a smart business move too - by creating such a unique, supportive culture, BYM breeds loyalty and recommendations from all who are part of it. Its the one thing I wholeheartedly endorse and the only thing I couldn’t ever give up.




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